VIP International Plastic Surgery Center in KOREA
VIP International Plastic Surgery Center in KOREA

Prevention of Saddle nose and its proper surgery
ۼ ۼ 2009.12.19 ȸ 1573

Organization : 6th Academic symposium of Society of Rhinoplasty research 

Venue :Eun Myung auditorium of Yonsei medical center

Date : 2009, 6, 21 

Summary :
Dr.Lee Myung Ju lectured not only new conchortome but also Saddle nose deformation which comes from collapsed middle of dorsal line. He analyzed the reason of dorsal line collapse, classified into three solutions - autologous tissues, septal cartilage, rib cartilage according to the deformation level and loss of nasal structure. 
Bulldog nose comes from deformation caused by wound or by septal cartilage rhinoplasty or by Rhinitis surgery. The key factor of nasal reconstruction is to make L shape nasal support with septal cartilage.