VIP International Plastic Surgery Center in KOREA
VIP International Plastic Surgery Center in KOREA

Medical lecture on Rhinoplasty which makes mouth retruded --Korean society of plastic surgeons
ۼ ۼ 2010.10.19 ȸ 1991

Organization -- Academic Symposium organized by 2010 Korean society of Plastic surgeon and Reserach society of Rhinoplasty

Venue-- Eun Myung Lecture auditorium of Yonsei Medical Center

Date -- June, 27th, 2010

Title of lecture -- Mid face and its uplifting technique in the field of Rhinoplasty

Asian face is commonly characterized by depressed mid face so it makes the mouth more protruded.  To correct it, the major surgeries such as Two jaw surgery and Surgical removal of gums are often required. However, Dr.Lee Myung Ju opened new chapter of Asian Rhinoplasty by coming up with the new surgical methods to make mouth retruded and classifying them into three different ones according to patients' condition.  

As making retruded mouth without Two Jaw surgery or Surgical removal of gums is possible through these surgery, these methods gave the new direction of Asian Rhinoplasty with protruded mouth.